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About Us

Putty Hill Garage serves Baltimore and the greater area and is well-known around Maryland and the Mid-Atlantic region.

Our owner is passionate about all types of automotive repair. No matter the make of your car, we will treat it as if it were our “baby,” just as you do. We want you to experience an old-fashioned, family atmosphere when you visit our garage. However, don’t mistake “old-fashioned” for “behind the times.” Putty Hill Garage’s technicians are well-versed in the latest automotive technology. We can fix a malfunctioning GPS or on-board computer as easily as we can a “traditional” car repair like a dead battery or squeaky fan belt.

Since it is an urban area, Baltimore is susceptible to myriad car accidents, major and minor, every year. Many of these occur in the same areas, such as along truck routes or near interstates and commonly congested areas. Putty Hill Garage cannot repair the emotional damage, but we can lift some weight off your shoulders through the repair of your vehicle. Our staff and technicians have successfully repaired several cars, saving owners the stress of purchasing a new one and dealing with the loans and paperwork that often follows.

Our Approach to Service

Not all cars are created equal, and sometimes owners become confused about how to service a particular vehicle. For example, if you’re a businessperson who’s used to driving a compact car but are expected to make work deliveries with the company truck, you could easily get overwhelmed. To combat this, Putty Hill provides an online link where you can instantly ask questions. Simply sign up for your own car care page using a screen name and password. Putty Hill promises never to share personal information with a third party, and we keep it under the tightest security possible.

In the course of a week or month, you might experience several minor vehicle issues or think of different types of questions. However, you might not always have time to drive to Putty Hill and talk with someone. No problem – Putty Hill’s new website offers a car care tip of the day, which covers hundreds of automotive questions or problems. These tips are also here to help you learn to maintain your vehicle’s good health, making you a more skilled and confident vehicle owner. If you don’t see a tip of the day you need, feel free to ask us to discuss one on the website.

Putty Hill Garage’s new website has added a brand new section – car care videos. Many of our customers are visual learners with busy schedules, so the videos provide a way to answer their questions in real time, with the option of coming back as needed. Several of our videos deal with being a safe and law-abiding driver; for example, we’re featuring “ask a cop” films and a tutorial on installing car seats. In addition, we have lighter fare, such as a video on car scent and choosing the best scents for you.

If you’ve never visited us and like what you see here, we urge you to come in for a face-to-face meeting. Don’t wait for a repair need. We enjoy showing customers around and acquainting them with our staff. Don’t worry about directions, either; we’ve provided a map for you

Company Overview

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    While several are related to repairs, just as many are related to the everyday maintenance of your car. We recognize that no matter how careful a driver you are, life will happen.

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    Maybe it’s because you had car trouble, or maybe it’s because you inadvertently parked in the wrong spot. No matter the case, Putty Hill Garage is available for every towing need.

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    We offer state safety and tag inspections at reasonable prices at any time during the year. We will ensure your complete vehicle is inspected and all your information is up to date before you leave.