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At Putty Hill Garage, we pride ourselves on the fact that no repair job is too small or insignificant.

If you have a dent, ding, or scratch, don’t stress about fixing it yourself. Come to Putty Hill and let us make your car look better than new. We will not overcharge for any minor repair, nor will we allow a rushed or messy job. If we must mix or blend paint, we will do so well before touching your vehicle to avoid clumsy blends or other cosmetic errors. We will always transport your car as gently as possible to avoid further damage. If damage does occur, Putty Hill Garage will compensate you.

Some drivers don’t bother coming to a garage because they worry their vehicle can’t be serviced there. Indeed, some garages have provisions such as, “no trucks,” “no four-wheel drives,” “no diesel engines,” and so on. At Putty Hill Garage, none of this is an issue. Several of our technicians specialize in differential repair. If the company truck runs on diesel and needs a minor engine repair or oil change, we’re eager to help. The same is true for any four-wheel drive truck that doesn’t start.

Our Services

Often, drivers don’t think much about what their car needs beyond what makes it run well and stop when needed. At Putty Hill Garage, we know a car is a complicated machine. Each of its parts serves the others, so when one malfunctions, the entire car is affected. We also know “service” entails much more than traditional car repairs and maintenance tasks like oil changes. We provide quality traditional services and offer several other garages don’t.


Our technicians are trained in all facets of automotive experience before being assigned their first repair or maintenance duty. Everyone at Putty Hill is trained to work with various types of vehicles, including compact cars, large vans, privately owned and commercial trucks, and more. We spend equal time training and working with foreign-made vehicles as well as domestic makes, and we make sure our staff is familiar with both classic and newer models of most cars on the market. We also work regularly with heavy-duty vehicles, including Humvees.

  • • Axle/CV joint repair
  • • Clutch repair
  • • Brake repair
  • • Glass repair
  • • Preventative maintenance
  • • Engine diagnostics and minor engine repair
  • • Manual and automatic transmission service
  • • Steering and suspension repair
  • • Tire repair and maintenance, including
    - Installation
    - Alignment
    - Mounting and balancing