Putty Hill Garage Towing


No one anticipates it. No one likes it. Yet sooner or later, towing happens to every driver.

Maybe it’s because you parked in the wrong spot or had a accident. No matter the case, Putty Hill Garage is available for every towing need.

Most of us have had car trouble and called for towing or roadside assistance, only to get an answering service or hear that towing services aren’t available. Customers at Putty Hill Garage never have to experience this frustration. Our shop is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday-Friday, but our towing services run 24/7, no matter what. Should a towing emergency happen on a weekend, you won’t be stuck without a vehicle; our shop is open from 8 a.m. to noon every Saturday.

Nothing is more frightening than being stranded and in need of roadside assistance. Those drivers often experience added frustration and anxiety because their company isn’t prepared to help. For example, you might call a generic roadside assistance service because you’ve been locked out of your vehicle or have a flat tire. These are common problems, yet many companies make them more complicated than necessary. The representative might say, “I need to get a locksmith” and then go off to meet him or her – leaving you unattended. Or, if you have a flat tire, perhaps the representative arrives without the proper gauge or isn’t sure how to work with your vehicle.

Our Approach to Towing

Putty Hill Garage understands roadside assistance and the problems that come with it. Many of our staff members have been stranded themselves, so we understand your predicament. We’re dedicated to thorough preparation for any emergency, and our shop contains any tire gauge, battery, or other repair tool you might need. Our technicians are trained to respond to lockouts, so once they arrive there’s no need to wait for a locksmith.

In fact, our waits – or lack thereof – are another feature that sets apart Putty Hill Garage’s roadside assistance and towing services. We promise our towing services will be as quick as possible, so you can get off the road and back to the safety of your home or workplace. We also guarantee quick repair service after towing. Some garages make you wait weeks for a fully repaired vehicle; our staff has over fifty years of experience, so we can repair your vehicle thoroughly within a few days to a week.

No matter how quick or efficient the towing service or repairs, waiting is frustrating and difficult. This is equally true for locals and Baltimore’s many tourists and other visitors. With this in mind, Putty Hill Garage provides customers with options for what to do while waiting. If you’re from out of town, we can tell you where to find nearby dining and shopping opportunities to occupy your time. Our waiting areas are comfortable and child-friendly. We offer rental vehicles or vehicle delivery if you must get back on the road before your repair is complete.

Company Overview

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    About Us

    Our owner is passionate about all types of automotive repair. No matter the make of your car, we will treat it as if it were our “baby,” just as you do.

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    While several are related to repairs, just as many are related to the everyday maintenance of your car. We recognize that no matter how careful a driver you are, life will happen.

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    Contact Us

    We offer state safety and tag inspections at reasonable prices at any time during the year. We will ensure your complete vehicle is inspected and all your information is up to date before you leave.